Six Weeks with a Lord

Grace Alnott’s dowry comes with a condition: she must marry a lord. Desperate for money to rescue her little brother from his abusive but aristocratic guardian, she offers half her dowry in return for a marriage of convenience.

Everett, Lord Westbury, needs money for his brother’s debtors, just as cattle plague threatens to destroy his estate. Grace’s bargain seems the perfect solution, until he is committed and realises gossip exaggerated her wealth. So he makes his own terms. She must live with him for six weeks, long enough to seduce her into staying and surrendering her half of the dowry.

Their marriage is riddled with prejudices and half-truths, but as Grace begins to trust him with her secrets, Everett is torn between not failing in his duty, and his growing feelings for her. When their passion overwhelms her fears, Grace must choose between believing her heart, and defending the brother she’s sworn to protect.

Six Weeks with a Lord is due to be published by Entangled, 25 June 2018.

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