The Mistletoe Tryst

By day, she shows off the accomplishments she learned to entrap a husband. By night, he teaches her what a man really wants.

Socialite Lady Sophie has no intention of marrying… until her uncle’s death means certain bankruptcy. Her family are certain that if obscenely wealthy Mr. Marmaduke Bains is shown her ladylike accomplishments, he’ll propose.

Sophie is less convinced.

First, her accomplishments are faked.

Second, though he makes her heart race, she’s had nothing but sarcasm and teasing from her friend’s elder brother.

A “chance” nighttime meeting reveals the scheme and Duke proposes a wager: if by New Year Sophie can master talents a man really wants in a wife, he’ll marry her. If she doesn’t enjoy their lessons, he’ll gift her ten thousand pounds.

By day, Sophie demonstrates her genteel accomplishments. By night, Duke acts out her scandalous fantasies. Lines blur between winning and losing, real and pretend, and love and hate, as the clock ticks down…

A steamy Regency enemies to lovers romance, with a meddling family, best friend’s brother, and Happily Ever After.