Once a Fallen Lady

He woos her with books, flowers, and chocolates. She can’t say no to him, but can’t say yes to love.

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Lydia Taylor’s roof is leaking, her chickens are out of control, and she can’t afford the rent. When her daughter falls ill, the last person she wants knocking at her door is gorgeous school teacher Alfred Lowe. His scowl makes her feel like he can see through her façade of a respectable widow and judge all her secrets.

To achieve his dream of his own school, Alfred Lowe needs to marry a wealthy lady. But from the moment Lydia Taylor fell at his feet, he’s been awkwardly attracted to her. What begins as duty to support one of his pupil’s mothers soon becomes much more complicated. Maybe even… love?

But amongst kisses, tears, and savory pies, the past creeps into the present, casting a long shadow. If they risk love, they could lose everything they’ve ever wanted. 


  • Secret relationship
  • ‘Fallen woman’ heroine
  • Seduction via books and chocolates
  • Hot teacher hero, mother of student heroine
  • Beta/Cinnamon roll hero
  • Virgin hero, not virgin heroine
  • There’s… chickens? And cock jokes. Does that count?

What People are Saying

“Excuse me while I squeal in utter delight but this book was so good. I was instantly bewitched by Lydia and Alfred.” Mikku-Chan

“How I loved this story! Alfred Lowe was the ultimate hero, he was handsome, caring and kindhearted.” Cheryl

“You know when you find a new favourite author and you immediately have to devour everything they’ve ever written? That was me last year, discovering Eve Pendle. As such, I’ve been waiting impatiently for this book ever since… Hands down the best part of Eve Pendle’s books is always the characters, and that’s no different here… Pendle succeeds in slowly ratcheting up the tension until you’re begging for them to get together. Which is, let’s be honest, pretty much the perfect sort of romance. So, really, what I’m driving at here is that I desperately need you all to read this. Like, right now.” Charlotte G. NetGalley

“Get this because it will just put a goofy smile on your face and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.” The Butterfly Reader

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