Once a Fallen Lady

He woos her with books, flowers, and chocolates. She can’t say no to him, but can’t say yes to love.

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Lydia Taylor can’t afford the rent, control her chickens, stop her roof leaking, or not notice that her daughter’s teacher is both gorgeous and severe. When her daughter becomes ill, Lydia panics; she knows this is retribution for her past sins. The last person she wants to see is Mr. Lowe, whose scowl makes her feel like he can see though her facade as a widow and judge all her secrets.

Since he arrived in Elmswell Alfred Lowe has been half in love with Mrs. Taylor. But his priority must be a wealthy wife who could help him start a new better sort of school, without religion or dogma. When Mrs. Taylor’s daughter becomes ill, he realises nothing could be as important as protecting the woman he loves. The injustice of the greedy landlord, or a dirty chicken house, he’ll take on anything for her.

As the crisis of Annie Taylor’s illness deepens, Alfred woos Lydia with chocolate, savory pies, flowers, and novels. But the past creeps into the present, casting a long shadow. They must choose whether they can love, despite the risk to everything they’ve ever wanted.


  • ‘Fallen woman’ heroine
  • Seduction via books and chocolates
  • Hot teacher hero, mother of student heroine
  • Beta/Cinnamon roll hero
  • Virgin hero, not virgin heroine
  • There’s… chickens? And cock jokes. Does that count?

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