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Thirty Minutes with her Husband’s Lover

Sarah’s husband hasn’t been as faithful as he ought, so she issues his lover with an ultimatum: resist her charms for thirty minutes and she will walk away, but if he gives in, he will leave her husband forever. But neither of them realise the passion, and the complications, they will unleash. Then a distillery …

One Night with a Rake

Lady Emily is politest lady of the ton, with a spotless reputation she protects at all costs. Lord Markshall is the most notorious rake in London. When out fern hunting they fall down an old mine shaft and discover neither is quite what they appear.

Six Weeks with a Lord

Grace Alnott’s dowry comes with a condition: she must marry a lord. Desperate for money to rescue her little brother from his abusive but aristocratic guardian, she offers half her dowry in return for a marriage of convenience. Everett, Lord Westbury, needs money for his brother’s debtors, just as cattle plague threatens to destroy his …