Her Grumpy Neighbor until Halloween

Releases: 2 April 2023 (probably before that. I hope)

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He’s famous, gorgeous, and furious. 

When reclusive celebrity chef Kit Morton sees a woman breaking into his neighbor’s house he knows she’s either paparazzi or a stalker fan, and either way she’s going to f- off. Turquoise-haired Ellen insists she’s house-sitting, but Kit’s neighbor has disappeared, and Ellen has no clue what she’s doing with the menagerie. Kit has a cookbook to write and ought to call the police or keep his distance. Instead, he wants to kiss her.

Mermaid hair, don’t care. 

Life as a social media influencer isn’t as glamorous – or lucrative – as Ellen Harris would like. Suddenly homeless, she lucks out with two months in a country cottage by exaggerating her animal care experience a tiny bit. How difficult can it be? But when she turns up, there’s no instructions, no owner, the doors are wide open, and there’s a handsome angry man with a kitchen knife. Worse still, every time she makes an embarrassing mistake, he’s there.

When the heating goes kaput at Ellen’s borrowed house, Kit grudgingly invites her over for hot food, hot showers… and hot sex. They have to get it out of their systems quickly because he hates publicity and she’s desperate for fame. And Kit’s neighbor is due back at Halloween… 

A scorching hot enemies to lovers, opposites attract, small-town British romance with heart, humor and banter.


Enemies to lovers

Let’s get it out of our system

Next door neighbor

Grumpy / sunshine

Opposites attract 

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