Catch a Falling Duke

He’s a duke, she’s a farmer, there’s only one bed. What can go wrong?

Out 26 May 2021, available to pre-order on Amazon | GoodReads


A duke reeling from the revelation of the true origin of his family’s wealth . . .
A woman on a quest to solve her own family mystery . .

After Hugo Ravensthorpe comes to Beatrice Fenton’s aid in a crowded inn, the usually no-nonsense farmer finds herself sharing a room with the well-born, handsome stranger. Beatrice takes a chance and makes a scandalous proposition: one night, no commitments. But she can’t refuse when Hugo offers to assist in tracking down the last connection to her mother, and one night becomes more… complicated.

The Duke of Cumbria is on the run. He never expected to end up masquerading as Mr. Ravensthorpe or to find himself in bed with witty and spirited Beatrice. One night with her, and not as a duke, makes him hungry for more. But can there be a future for a farmer and a duke? Or is love only possible if Hugo prevents his worlds colliding and Beatrice discovering his family secrets?


  • one night only
  • one bed
  • road trip
  • class divide
  • cougar heroine
  • forced proximity
  • found family

What People are Saying

“Get your socialist, anti-racist dukes here! I can’t recommend Pendle enough to any reader who enjoys historical romance novels high on angst but low on stress, even while facing the wrongs of the era head on. Pendle proves over and over that you can write a gentle, sweet romance in an environment that hasn’t been sanitised of the texture of the real world.” Nart @ CannonBallRead

“There were many moments that made my heart happy, and I was so invested in the setting and story, that it surprised me when it ended. The epilogue was very unique and creative in its execution and indication.” Joanna Loves Reading

“This is definitely not the normal Victorian romance I typically read. Where many stories spout tales of the ballrooms of London or sprawling green estates, this one is set on a simple farm where all work hard and are rewarded for their labors. I didn’t know going in that I would enjoy a story of a duke who separates himself from the life he could lead in the aristocracy of the time. What I found was a rather amazing story of finding a love for a person and a community can be more rewarding than all the finest jewels in the world. I try to keep spoilers out of my reviews, so you will just have to trust me when I say this unusual tale is one that will make you appreciate the small things and that money made ethically can be incredibly rewarding.” Lindsey Gray

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