The Mistletoe Temptation

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A Regency enemies to friends to lovers romance, with a touch of brother’s best friend and a whole lot of banter and steamy scenes.

Miss Gina Bains just needs to avoid marriage until Christmas—and her birthday. When she’s one-and-twenty she’ll receive inheritance from her father and be free to travel the world. In the meantime, she’s stuck with faking the accomplishments her mother insists on and “accidentally” stepping on the toes of her would-be beau. 

Dancing with his best friend’s sister is Emmett Stanton’s duty to fulfill, like choosing a wife to keep the Earldom going. When Miss Bains inadvertently reveals her ploy to remain single, Emmett realizes a fake engagement can solve both their problems. Though given how alluring Gina is, he’s not sure it should be temporary. The condition that he can’t kiss her creates a challenge, but he can tempt her into kissing him

The Mistletoe Temptation

Gina ignores Emmett’s charm for months, but when Christmas and freedom are just days away a kiss under the mistletoe is irresistible. One kiss turns into Emmett educating her in the ways of love, and suddenly the future—without Emmett—looks gray. But how can she give up her travel dreams when he must settle down and produce an heir? 


  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Fake relationship
  • Breaking the rules
  • Compromised
  • Opposites attract
  • Hero is bossy in the bedroom
  • Virgin heroine
  • Brother’s best friend

What people are saying

“The Mistletoe Temptation by Eve Pendle captivated me. I couldn’t put Emmett and Gina’s story down! Their witty banter reminded me of another of my favorite authors.” Ms Aimers, Amazon

wonderful, quirky charactersMarginatrix

“What a fun read, Gina and Emmett were such delightful characters that it was easy to root for their HEA. The book is filled with wonderful characters, secrets, lies, ulterior motives, spicy love scenes, a bit of heartache, compromises and finally a HEA” Flippin’ Pages Blog

“A fun romp as well as a passionate story” Elaine, GoodReads

“I loved Gina who thwart’s her mothers attempts to get her married by wearing highly embellished tasteless dresses & stamping on partners feet whilst dancing.” Janet, GoodReads

“I was captivated by the sweet and gorgeous hero who falls first and does everything he can to win Gina over, while always trying to respect her wishes and never pushing her. I really loved how reading this one made me feel!Gloria, GoodReads

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Pre-order: Amazon | Everywhere else

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