Second and Top Quartile

JBrayWeber_HHRWbadges_TransparentInCircleWhiteWinnerLogo_FINALISTA bit of acclaim for my Victorian romance:

Six Weeks with an Earl won 2nd place in the Legend – A Man For All Reasons category of the Romance Through the Ages competition.

AND in the preliminary round in the 2016 Golden Heart® Contest, Six Weeks with an Earl had a final score of 8.433333333. That’s well into the top quartile of scores in the Historical Romance category (>8.36).

I told Grace and Everett about this.


“Shouldn’t that be a recurring three?” Grace frowned and brushed a spec of dust from her wide, blue skirt.

Everett rolled his eyes. “I think what my wife means is, shouldn’t that be first, not second, and ten out of ten.”

“But they liked you,” I insisted. “Generally, the judges liked you.”

“Not enough.” Grace raised her eyebrows. “What are you doing, still talking to us?”

“She’s a writer, Grace, what do you think she does all day?”

Everett and Grace shared a smile.

“Well, actually, I have this other job…” I trailed off when they began to laugh.

Grace nudged Everett.

“What Grace means to say, is that she thinks you ought to get back to work on your book.”



Ah. Okay. That told me.