Six Weeks with a Lord

Six weeks, six promises, three secrets. A love that changes everything. A threat that will tear them apart.

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  • marriage of convenience
  • fake relationship
  • conditions on inheritance
  • bargain

Grace Alnott’s dowry comes with a condition: she must marry a lord. Desperate for money to rescue her little brother from his abusive but aristocratic guardian, she offers half her dowry in return for a marriage of convenience.

Everett, Lord Westbury, needs money for his brother’s debtors just as cattle plague threatens to destroy his estate. Grace’s bargain is a perfect solution, until he is committed and realizes gossip exaggerated her wealth. So he makes his own terms. She must live with him for six weeks, long enough to seduce her into staying and surrendering her half of the dowry. But their deal means he can’t claim any husbandly rights. He has to tempt her into seducing him.

Their marriage is peppered with prejudices, attraction, and secrets that will change everything.

What people are saying

“Dynamic, charming and stylish”    Chicks, Rogues and Scandals

“This book will knock your socks off”    Lady with a Quill

“Eve Pendle is going on my must read list.”    Lindsey Gray

“An emotional, sexy and at times complicated story with wonderful characters.”  Warrior Woman Winmill

“Wonderful writing pulls you through the wringer”    Maggie @ GR

“The tension is rife on the pages between Grace and Everett. Both are holding on to secrets and pain that is leading them to make bad decisions. The descriptive intensity of the writing is magnificent. The scenes are vivid and emotions are described in such detail that make them pop.”    Suzette @ GR

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