CW Six Weeks with a Lord

I want you to enjoy the stories I write. I don’t want anyone to be upset, or read something that they didn’t want to. So beneath are trigger warnings, or content alerts, or just information about potentially sensitive plot points, for my debut, Six Weeks with a Lord. Necessarily there are massive plot spoilers associated with these warnings, as mostly they’re key plot points. So… You know.

Here be warnings.

Here be spoilers.

All the spoilers.


Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about spoilers.



  • Danger to child. Not on page, but hinted at throughout.
  • Rape of secondary character. Not on page, memory of aftermath from perspective of character not directly involved.
  • Mother dying in childbirth. Hinted at in a memory.
  • Death of father. Not on page, but a trigger for the whole story.
  • Sex scenes, including male masturbation. Fully described on page. Mostly, but not exclusively, in the second half of the book.