Victorian Secrets Series

The Victorian era was supposed to be repressed and refined. But everyone has secrets…

Six Weeks with a Lord (due to be published by Entangled, 25 June 2018)

1865. Grace marries to defend her brother, Everett to save his estate. But their lies and secrets from each other start a war of seduction that neither can afford to lose.

Thirty Minutes with her Husband’s Lover

1866. Sarah’s husband hasn’t been as faithful as he ought, so she issues his lover with an ultimatum: resist her charms for thirty minutes and she will walk away, but if he gives in, he will leave her husband forever. But neither of them realise the passion, and the complications, they will unleash.

Two Months with a Rogue

1866. Beetle expert Caroline Fisher jumps at the chance to escape the stifling balls of London and travel to Siam to accompany a plant hunter. James is expecting a man and he’s thankful that Carl is so knowledgable. But then the attraction between them begins to ignite and they both have see that they aren’t who they thought they were.


All the books stand alone, but they’re likely to be published in an irregular order…