Her Billionaire Bet until Spring

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She found the perfect guy, for one night

Trish Weston has a crumbling house, eye watering debt, and her brother’s wedding to host. She absolutely doesn’t have time to camp in the wilderness, or walk a second day with a hot stranger she meets on the mountain top. But she’s never been good at following the rules. Then a storm comes in, trapping them, and there’s only one tent.

He told one small lie…

Her Billionaire Bet until Spring

Grayson Archer likes computers, dislikes people, and thinks nature is generally best seen in a photo. But having sold his social media app, he’s a billionaire without purpose, looking for answers in the mountains he remembers from childhood. Instead, he finds Trish: gorgeous, impulsive, and with no idea who he is. One night was never going to be enough, but the wind steals the scrap of paper with her number.

One chance to win her back

When Grayson tracks her down, Trish isn’t interested in a man who ghosted her, forgot to mention he’s a billionaire, and actually likes wearing suits. But she does need an assistant… 

He’s a precise computer scientist, she’s a chaotic mountaineer. He’s determined, she’s skeptical. So he proposes a deal. For each day he manages everything she demands of him as his boss, he gets to be boss in the bedroom. All night. 

An opposites attract steamy British contemporary romance with banter, an owl who doesn’t know his place, and happily ever after. 


  • One night stand
  • Bet
  • Boss / employee
  • Grumpy / sunshine
  • Opposites attract
  • Hero is bossy in the bedroom
  • Wedding chaos

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Pre-order: Amazon

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