For Reviewers

I like reviewers. I like kind reviewers, and snarky reviewers, and reviewers who say too much. I like reviewers with thousands of followers and reviewers with a handful. I think reviewers do a hard job and get too little praise.

If you’re a reviewer and want to receive eARCs of my books via email, please sign up below.

By signing up you are committing to receive the ebook. There is no obligation to read, review, or take any further action. Obviously I hope you’ll feel able to leave a review, but the book will be without any strings attached. I won’t chase you about reviewing in general, but I do clean my list from time to time, and if there are no reviews posted on the site you specify below (or if they are mostly negative reviews) you’ll find I quietly remove you from the list. No drama.

You also commit to not passing on, pirating, or otherwise abusing the ARC system (not that I think you’ll do that, but it’s better to be clear). Books will be in/visibly watermarked to prevent piracy.

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Please note that although you are signing up at, depending on your choices below, you may also receive emails from Also worth noting – this list is managed on the same platfor as my general newsletter. If you unsubscribe from one, you’ll unsubscribe from all. If you want to selectively unsubscribe, it’s best to email me.

Reviewer FAQs:

Do I have to review every ARC I receive? No. In fact, I encourage you to just give a miss to anything you don’t enjoy. Honestly, just move on. I appreciate most readers won’t love every book. Just read what you enjoy, and leave the rest.

Do you want to be tagged in /informed of reviews? To be honest, unless it’s a 5* rave, I’d generally rather find my own way to your review if/when I feel up to it. Being sent tepid or negative reviews isn’t great for my mental health. And ultimately, reviews are not for me. Negative reviews still sell books, which is why I’ll never prescribe anything about ratings or etc. And I understand why reviewers want authors to RT their reviews, but please be considerate of our feelings. 

But I want you to see my review – even though it’s not 5*. You need to know what’s in my review, it’s important. Put it on GoodReads. I keep tabs on my reviews there and will see it sooner or later. 

Do you mind twitter hashtags / comments / other stuff in reviews? See answer above. If I’m not tagged, I don’t mind. If I am tagged, the only thing I’m concerned about is whether I’m going to feel hurt after reading the review. The hashtags are no worries either way. 

Do I have to have reviewed one of your books to join your list? Not at this time, no. I might introduce this at some point in the future. 

What happens if I don’t leave reviews for any of your books? I do keep tabs on this. If you don’t review, particularly if you never even open the emails, I may remove you from the list. 

Can I get paperback ARCs? No. They’re too expensive. Sorry. The price you pay on Amazon is basically the same price I would pay to distribute an ARC. That’s too high for me. 

Can I get audiobook ARCs? It depends. I may be able to get you an ARC, but it might not be via Audible. Email me and we can try to figure something out. 

Will you do a guest post or an author Q&A for my blog? Maybe. It depends how much else I have on. Feel free to email me. 

Do I have to review on a particular site? No. That’s up to you. Honestly, we all know that reviews on any retailer site are valuable, and Amazon is the most valuable. But I’m aware there are a variety of reasons you might not want or be able to review there, and posts on Tiktok and other social media are very appreciated. You do you, boo. 

Will I get kicked out for posting negative reviews? Maybe. I’m pretty understanding if you like most of my books but find the odd one that you don’t enjoy and give a reason in the review – though I’d rather you just didn’t review at all in that case. If you post low ratings/negative reviews on multiple ARCs I will quietly unsubscribe you. If you want to hate-read that’s your prerogative, but you need to pay for the books. 🙂