Women take the lead romances

Some of these are a bit (or very!) kinky! You’ve been warned. 😉

They’re not super popular, but I love the women on top romances when they’re well done. Here are some of my favourites that could be or are F/m or femdom-ish. (Authors marked with * I recommend all their books.)

A Lady Awakened, Cecilia Grant* (historical with the merest hint of F/m in the grumpy/sunshine trope but she is grumpy, this is one of my all time favourite romances)

Beg for it, Megan Hart*

Power Play, Charlotte Stein*

Control, Charlotte Stein*

The Duke I Tempted, Scarlett Peckham (historical)

Sweet Disorder, Rose Lerner* (historical)

Branded Sanctuary, Joey Hill

Natural Law, Joey Hill

Tempting the New Guy, Alegra Verde