CW Her Boss until Christmas

These content notes are made available here so readers can inform themselves if they want to. Some readers might consider these as ‘spoilers’, particularly for the detailed trigger warnings.


  • Bad language: frequent
  • Sex: many fully described sex scenes with power exchange
  • Violence: none
  • Other: death of parent in backstory, parent with illness

Detailed Trigger Warnings

Spoilers, ahoy!

  • Coercion and power dynmaics: the bet is a “sex bet”, so there’s talk about consent and though Ben gets Iris’ verbal consent, there is a power dynamic because of the bet.
  • Sex: look, there’s a lot of sex in this book. Outdoor sex, but not exhibitionism. Hate/angry/upset sex. Fingering. Oral for her and him.
  • BDSM: being tied down, spanked, and threat of being whipped. Mainly off page.
  • Illness: parent with alzhiemers, on page.
  • Death: of parent from cancer, brief memory on page of being in hospital.
  • Threat to animals