Favourite Contemporary Romances

This is the genre I’ve been reading more recently. Authors that I recommed basically all their books have an *, but this is my favourite of theirs and I have an ‘only one book per author’ rule. This list is in no particular order. A ranked list is impossible. Sorry not sorry.

  • Love Lettering, Kate Clayborn*
  • Truly, Ruthie Knox
  • Act Like it, Lucy Parker*
  • Control, Charlotte Stein*
  • The One in My Heart, Sherry Thomas*
  • Can’t get Enough, Sarah Mayberry*
  • Stranger, Megan Hart
  • Hooking Up, Helen Hunting
  • Beautiful Bastard, Christina Lauren
  • The Hating Game, Sally Thorne
  • Gifting me to his Best Friend, Katee Robert*
  • Playing House, Ruby Lang
  • Bet Me, Courtney Milan*

More Chic Lit type books (older faves)

  • Anybody out there?, Marion Keyes* (about a million content warnings for all Keyes books)
  • Remember Me?, Sophie Kinsella*
  • Kiss Chase, Fiona Walker*