CW for Catch a Falling Duke

These content notes are made available here so readers can inform themselves if they want to. Some readers might consider these as ‘spoilers’, particularly for the detailed trigger warnings. In this case, there are major spoilers in the headlines too. If you don’t like spoilers, look away. You’ve been warned.


Spoilers, ahoy.

  • Bad language: mild, infrequent
  • Sex / Nudity: several fully described sex scenes
  • Violence: single on-page fight, main character
  • Other: infertility, slavery

Detailed Trigger Warnings

Spoilers, ahoy.

  • Sex: fully described sex scenes, including cunnilingus and fellatio, main characters, from chapter 2 onwards.
  • Violence: single incidence of fist fight, main character, no serious injuries. Harm to an animal, not fatal.
  • Slavery: repeated mentions by main characters throughout the book, but main discussion in chapters 7 and 12 with regard to reparations. No on-page descriptions.
  • Infertility: repeated mentions on page, main character.
  • Child mortality: mentioned but not described, secondary character.
  • Childbirth: mild on-page description, secondary character.
  • Death: not described on page but mentioned multiple times throughout.
  • Racism: racist inferences, secondary character. Micro- aggressions, main character.
  • Panic attack: main character, described on page.