CW for Once a Fallen Lady

These content notes are made available here so readers can inform themselves if they want to. Some readers might consider these as ‘spoilers’, particularly for the detailed trigger warnings.


  • Bad language: mild, infrequent
  • Sex / Nudity: a fully described sex scene
  • Violence: some references to violence, not on-page and not major character
  • Other: serious illness of child

Detailed Trigger Warnings

Spoilers, ahoy.

  • Seriously ill child throughout the story, in almost every chapter. Child recovers. 
  • Brief mention of child abuse and inference of sexual abuse. Not main character, not described on page, not condoned. Chapter 10.  
  • Description of unsuccessful contraception /oral abortion method. Chapter 11.
  • Family turmoil. Main character, on page. Chapter 11. 
  • Brief inference of racism. Not main character, not condoned. Chapter 15. 
  • Fully described masturbation scene, Chapter 8. Fully described sex scene, Chapter 16.