Content Warnings for Busy Authors

Content Warnings (CWs, or whatever you’re going to call them) are a valuable service for your readers. But there are good reasons you might want someone else to write them for you. Prime amongst those reasons might be that your time is better spent writing a new book, not trawling through your books for triggers.

I’ve been praised for my clear and thorough CWs. I can help you get the right CWs into the right place for your books.

I offer a CW writing service, including as standard:

  • a full, careful read of your book
  • a list (with page numbers, context, and explanations) of any easily preventable/fixable triggers
  • a discussion via your choice of skype, phone, or email, about your CW requirements and where it might be best to place your CWs
  • short and long versions of your CWs, including explanatory text if required

The CWs will be provided in an easy to impliment format that you can copy-paste, in your choice of WordPress, html, Word, or etc.

Rates: $30 + $1 per 1000 words, (rounded to the nearest thousand). So a 70k word book would cost $100. Discounts available for series or multiple books.

Obviously CW judgements are subjective, and by the nature of my lived experience I’m more able to recognise appropriate CWs for some subjects than others. There may be some topics that I recognise in your book that are potentially problematic, but I lack the expertise to fully verify (e.g. I can only well represent my own race and sexual orientation, which is white, cis gendered and heterosexual). Where this is the case, I’ll highlight to you that you need further advice from a suitable person. (This might sound like ugh – yet more money – but I suggest to you that it might be better than being pilloried on twitter…)

If you’re interested, drop me a line via evependle .at. gmail dot com