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These questions will reveal the best historical romance for you this month
How to Fall for the Wrong Man

You got How to Fall for the Wrong Man by Harmony Williams! The heroine is Mary Babington-Smith, a women's and animal rights activist who enters into a fake engagement with the man who broke her heart years ago in order to get enough money to open an animal shelter and employ women in poor situations. Sign up for Harmony's newsletter to receive an exclusive prequel novella in the Ladies of Passion series!
Highland Temptation

You got Highland Temptation by Lori Ann Bailey! Alan Mackenzie can’t believe it when his laird’s sister takes on some foolhardy mission to get close to every male in a rival clan, in the hopes of uncovering who’s behind the plot to kill her brothers. He may not be good enough for Kirstie, but he’ll be damned if anyone else touches her. But he’s undercover as well, and one false move could betray them both. Sign up for Lori's newsletter and get all the latest news about her releases.
Six Weeks with a Lord

You got Six Weeks with a Lord by Eve Pendle! The condition in her father's will means Grace has to marry a Lord to get money to save her brother. Everett, Lord Westbury thinks this is the perfect way out of his financial troubles. But Grace and Everett both need the money of her dowry and can't trust each other. Everett has six weeks to persuade Grace to seduce him. But when their secrets come out, Grace will have to choose between love and family. Fancy winning a free copy? Sign up for Eve's new releases email list and be entered into a draw for quizzers to win an ebook of Six Weeks with a Lord. You'll also get a free sexy short story! Or you can pre-order Six Weeks with a Lord now.

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