Listening to Her

I’ve got a sexy, kinky short story coming out in The Big Book of Submission, volume 2. Listening to Her is a modern story (unusually for me), about two students.

Arjun loves to listen and play-along to his sexy house-mate’s love life. When he hears her hurt a man, he swears it will be the last time he listens in. But it is also the most erotic thing he’s ever wanted.

It starts like this…
I listen to her every night. Whatever time she gets back, whoever she’s with, I’m there, eager cock in my hand, desperate to hear her doing unspeakable things to someone who I wish was me.

If that sounds like your sort of thing, do pick up the book, Big Book of Submission volume 2 at Amazon: ebook or Amazon print or Nook | Google PlayiBooksKobo

There’s also a Goodreads giveaway of the print edition (U.S. only).