Competition win, #WomErotica

I won the Carisa Press #WomErotica ‘flash erotica’ competition on twitter yesterday, with this tweet:

As she lay, ass in the air, waiting for his touch, feeling his searing gaze on her skin, she knew she’d never been more naked. #WomErotica

That short one liner, that doesn’t even include any skin-on-skin, was liked enough by Rachel Kramer Bussel that she crowned it the winner.

I’ve read stories and anthologies by Rachel Kramer Bussel before, and am totally overexcited about submitting something to her. I’ve been thinking all evening, as I sorted out house electrics (oh, the glamour) about a short erotic Victorian historical story I could write. I got two lines into writing it before I had to go and do electrics. But I will keep on with it.

In the mean time, I’m happy that someone liked one sentence written by me. That’s a good start. Now for more than one person to like 80k + words written by me…